Success Stories

Success Story

The Finger Lakes Community Health and Finger Lakes Counseling and Recovery Agency (FLACRA) team identified perceived housing and education barriers with a patient that uses a service animal. Transportation, that would accommodate the service animal, was arranged so the patient could attend appointments with DSS for appropriate housing. The patient also stated they were unable to finish coursework at Finger Lakes Community College because of a lack of internet service. Spectrum was contacted and provided a reduced fee that the patient was able to afford.

Success story: JOG Pilot Program

A JOG program is FLIPA’s term (think months-long steady track) for a pilot designed to test the effectiveness of a new collaborative healthcare approach. FLIPA set out to run its first JOG pilot in 2019. FLIPA contracted with Coordinated Care Services Incorporated (CCSI) to mine the data available from The Psychiatric Services and Clinical Knowledge Enhancement System (PSYCKES). This HIPAA-compliant website contains information on New York State’s Medicaid behavioral health population.